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  • Absolutely free to download

    Absolutely free to download

    Our software is open source and completely free to download!

  • Very easy to setup

    Very easy to setup

    Quick setup of rar password remover and you can start cracking!

  • Made open-source

    Made open-source

    This software is fully open-source and you can see every line of code.

  • Windows, MAC, Linux

    Windows, MAC, Linux

    Winrar password remover works every computer distros!

  • Friendly designed

    Friendly designed

    Innovative modern and simple user-friendly design!

  • No viruses

    No viruses

    Fully scanned and verified by many AV before download!

Free Winrar Password Remover

Have you ever thought about being able to unlock a protected winrar archive? We have been in the same situation and that is the reason why me and my team developed an open source winrar locked archives remover tool which is available to any person around the globe. We don’t ask our users for any money in order to access our software all what we ask for is to download it from one of our sponsored survey links which will help us and support us with a small amount of money that we can use for daily needs such as coffee or tea. Plus we are still working on our software improving it every day and guess what? We enjoy doing so! By using winrar password remover you are also able to not just quickly crack protected archives but aswell you get access to many small features such as zip and rar crackers and unlockers.

Is rar password unlocker safe to use?

It definitely is because who cares about doing so? Nobody will ever care about some guy or girl removing lock from protected archive. There are many worse problems in the world plus rar password unlocker can be used to retrieve a forgotten locked archives that you created!

Is winrar password remover tool free to download?

Rar password unlocker

Rar password unlocker

As you may know there is a lot of software which is developed just for fun and for getting more knowledge in programming field. And that is the exact reason why we have decided to start this project. There’s a lot of people around the globe in every single country that forgot their logins every now and then and the same happens with protected archives where it is really easy to forgot the lock phrase.

Basically we have been working on this project since an early 2009 and from that time we have managed to get all this amazing tool together with my small but skilled team of developers and programmers. At the beginning I have started coding free winrar password remover just by myself with no help but after a short period of time some of my real life buddies decided to help me as they found it would be a great thing to help people in their everyday life. Even workers at big corporations like Google or Microsoft are using protected winrar archives! Theres aswell a new version of our software called rar password unlocker which is available to download too.

Winrar Password Remover

Winrar Password Remover

My original idea was at first to create just a simple hello world program but then I have read on some forum that it’s best to start a whole project from the core and learn coding from that. So I have started a project with actually no knowledge on programming and now at this time I can tell that I’m expert in c++ and .net coding languages. Have you ever been in such a situation when you wanted to start something new and yours? That is the exact feel I had at the beginning of this project which was somewhere around 2009 in the summer when I was wasting my time in front of computer playing all kind of video games such as battlefield 3 and that’s when I decided I should start something new just from my brain. And this is how the amazing free to download tool winrar password remover became a reality and is now serving around 900,000 people from every corner of world! Thank you for reading this short article and I hope you will enjoy our software!

What our users are saying?

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I had this archive on my computer with my personal files that I forgot password to. So a buddy of mine directed me to this amazing tool and I successfully unlocked the file. Really amazing work guys!
Jackie J. James
Jackie J. James
CEO, Burger Chef
One of our customers in my wholesale shop has requested their personal info from our database but the archive was protected but with this amazing tool it was not a problem! I will make sure to support you once I can.
Sharon J. Teal
Sharon J. Teal
VP Sales, Wholesale Club, Inc.
I downloaded some movie from torrent that was password protected in winrar format and I couldn't unlock it with any tool. Then I googled and found you guys and the password was gone in few minutes!
Robert W. Varney
Robert W. Varney
Unemployed gamer